Photo by Angela Petruccioli


singer, songwriter, one-woman choir

Psamathes is a singer and songwriter based in Rome, Italy. Her wide range (G#2-F#6) and vocal versatility, combined with a unique voice colour, allow her to record in a variety of styles and genres. She is known for being able to switch from powerful high belting to soaring operatic vocals, from soft, intimate interpretations to atmospheric folk chanting, all while singing in more languages than she can count - even made-up ones!

Psamathes also arranges vocals for solos and choirs, and writes lyrics in different languages (English, Italian, Latin). She often records entire 4-part choirs on her own, thanks to her command of range and tone. She has over 10 years of training and experience performing with choirs, as a solo act, and with bands, and she is currently preparing a number of opera roles as a light lyric soprano. Her own original songwriting is as varied as her singing, drawing influences from orchestral, electronic, and heavy music, with meticulously crafted lyrics that delve into human emotions with a fresh but relatable approach.

Active member of the videogame music community, from Materia Collective to Pixel Mixers, she regularly contributes to tribute albums and singles, while also working on arrangements for her YouTube channel, independent releases, and as a session singer.

Photo by Angela Petruccioli

ICEBOUND: a "God of War" Tribute, 2019
(Producer, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger)

Psamathes - Original Single: "Crystals", 2019
(Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting, Production, Mixing/Mastering)

Guild Wars 2: "Aurene, Dragon Full Of Light", 2019 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)Guild Wars 2: "Fear Not This Night", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals)One Punch Man: "Seijaku no Apostle", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)NieR: Automata: "Voice of No Return", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals)My Hero Academia: "Make My Story", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)Xenoblade Chronicles 2: "Shadow of the Lowlands", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir)FINAL FANTASY XV: "Stand By Me", 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Programming, Mixing/Mastering)DELTARUNE: "Don't Forget (A Cappella)", 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)

Appears In


Pixel Mixers - Ace Attorney: "The Court Sessions", 2017 (Vocals)Pixel Mixers - Legend of Zelda 2D Classics: "Hylian Downfall", 2017 (Choir)Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy II: "The Roses of Rebellion", 2017 (Vocals)Pixel Mixers - Metroid Series: "Huntress", 2017 (Vocals)Pixel Mixers - Kirby Series: "The Green (Greens) Album", 2018 (Vocals, Lyrics)Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy VI: "World's Requiem", 2018 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics)Pixel Mixers - XENOGEARS: "Shattered Memories", 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, Choir, Lyrics, Mixing)Pixel Mixers - Secret of Mana: "Whispers From A Verdant Grove", 2018 (Vocals, One-woman Choir)Pixel Mixers - Indie Games: "The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Arranger, Mixing)Pixel Mixers - Guild Wars 2 (Super Adventure Box): "Try Hard and Tribulations", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)Mohmega - Persona 5: "The Velvet Records", 2019 (Vocals)Federico Dubbini - Final Fantasy X: "FFX World", 2019 (Vocals)Materia Collective - "EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games", 2019 (Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Vocals, Choir, Acoustic Guitar)Gamelark - "Hearts of Light" (Kingdom Hearts tribute), 2019 (Vocals)Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy IX: "Beyond the Mist", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)


Danilo Ciaffi - The Witcher: "Good Luck on the Trail", 2017 (Vocals)Dacian Grada - Persona 5: "Rivers in the Desert", 2018 (Vocals)Ro Panuganti - Persona 5: "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There", 2018 (Vocals)Dinnick the 3rd - Viewtiful Joe: "Brighter Side", 2018 (Vocals)Dacian Grada - Amagi Brilliant Park: "Extra Magic Hour", 2018 (Vocals)Bullicann - Original Rock EP: "School Days", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, Lyrics)Kain White - Kingdom Hearts: "Simple and Clean", 2019 (Vocals)Danilo Ciaffi - The Witcher 3: "Lullaby of Woe", 2019 (Vocals)Ro Panuganti - Devil May Cry 5: "Devil Trigger", 2019 (Vocals)Dacian Grada - Domestic na Kanojo: "Kawaki wo Ameku", 2019 (Vocals)The Goatee - Fairy Gone: "Knock on the Core", 2019 (Vocals)Kain White - Assassin's Creed II: "Ezio's Family", 2019 (Vocals)Amber Eden - "The Windfall", 2019 (Vocals)Dacian Grada - No Game No Life: "This Game", 2019 (Vocals)Kain White - Portal: "Still Alive", 2019 (Vocals)

Photo by Angela Petruccioli

Need vocals? I’m available for commissions! Send me an e-mail and let's talk about how I can lend my vocal skills to your project!

My Experience

I’m a professionally trained singer with over 10 years of vocal training and experience between stage and studio. Dedicating all this time to my voice helped me expand my range from G#2 to F#6 (with C4 as middle C), and to learn how to use each note within my range in the most creative and versatile ways. I can sing as a coloratura soprano, but I can also improvise on a soul or a jazz/fusion track, belt my heart out or growl on a metal song, vocalize in a number of folk styles, or deliver relaxing tunes in an acoustic setting. Check out my YouTube channel for more, or email me if you need samples for a specific style!I can write lyrics in English, Italian, and Latin (great for epic choirs!). I have worked with uplifting and introspective lyrics, country love songs, emotional indie/rock, but also satire! I can adapt my lyrics to different moods and genres.As a one-woman choir, I can recreate an entire 3 or 4 part choir with my voice alone.I can sing in English, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Swedish, German, French, Hebrew, Russian (etc!), and made-up languagesI trained under professional opera/modern singing teachers in Italy, and with international vocal coach Freya Casey. I still practice regularly with my trusted voice teacher, which means my voice is constantly improving and kept in top shape.I sing in live solo/choral settings, and I record regularly with my trusty RØDE NT1-A studio mic. I have a home studio, which means I can work remotely (really helpful to meet tight deadlines!).
Why Commission Me?

Because I can offer my experience and my professional training to help you build some kickass tunes! Over the years I learnt to combine my versatility and wide range with my unique voice colour and my attention to lyrics and interpretation. This means your track will be instantly recognizable, and it will have the kind of emotional depth that can touch a listener's heart.
Having a Bachelor and a Master's Degree in the fields of Languages and Humanities also means you can expect quality in pronunciation and writing, as well as careful research on the lyrical theme(s) of the song. I make music both as a solo artist and a session singer, which means I can work independently, or closely follow the instructions and requests of my collaborators. I have sang for dozens of different collaborators from all over the world over the years!

Last but not least: music is my life! I’m passionate about my work, so I will always make sure to go the extra mile for the sake of the project.